Power System

Introduction to Electrical Generation System 

  • Unit II: Large and Micro-Hydro Power Plants
    • Energy conversion process of hydropower plant
    • Classification of hydropower plants
    • Construction and working of hydro turbines
    • Safe Practices for Hydro Power Plants
    • Types of micro-hydro turbines and their locations
  • Unit III: Solar and Biomass-Based Power Plants
    • Solar Map of India and Global Solar Power Radiation
    • Solar Power Technology: CSP plants, Parabolic Trough, Parabolic Dish, PV power plant
    • Biomass-based Power Plants and their layouts
    • Features of solid, liquid, and gas biomasses as fuel
  • Unit IV: Wind Power Plants
    • Wind Map of India and Wind Power Density
    • Layout of Horizontal axis large wind power plant
    • Salient Features of electric generators in wind power plants
  • Unit V: Economics of Power Generation and Interconnected Power System
    • Related terms and definitions
    • Base load and peak load plants
    • Load curve, load duration curve, integrated duration curve
    • Cost of generation and related factors
    • Choice of size and number of generator units
    • Causes, Impact, and reasons of Grid system fault

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