Advantages and disadvantages of thermal power plants


  1. Fuel (coal) is relatively cheap.
  2. It requires less initial investment compared to other power plants.
  3. Thermal power plants can be found anywhere there is coal and water.
  4. Fuel can be transported to factories by rail or road.
  5. The installation space is smaller than that of a hydroelectric power plant. This allows
  6. Thermal power plants to better meet load demands and support grid performance.
  7. The power plant has a constant supply of coal, oil and natural gas, making it cheaper to generate electricity than a diesel power plant. 


Disadvantages :-


  1. Burning coal in thermal power plants produces a large amount of smoke and smoke, which leads to environmental pollution and an increase in carbon dioxide emissions.
  2. A large amount of water is required to condense the steam. Steam power plants have higher operating costs compared to hydropower plants.
  3. Coal handling and ash disposal require a lot of space.
  4. Coal, which is an exhaustible natural resource, is used as fuel. Steam power plant maintenance is complex.
  5. The start-up time of the power plant is very long compared to other power plants.
  6. Efficiency is about 30-35 percent lower than other power plants. 

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