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About Us: HowEngineeringWorks.com

Welcome to HowEngineeringWorks.com, your ultimate destination for hassle-free engineering learning. We’re here to make engineering study materials simple and accessible. Founded by Er. Tilak Thakur and co-partner Er. Lalit Rana, our mission is to demystify engineering concepts and make learning an enjoyable experience.

Meet the Team:

Er. Tilak Thakur – Founder

Er. Tilak Thakur, an engineer by profession, established HowEngineeringWorks.com with the goal of simplifying the world of engineering education. His practical approach to learning stems from years of industry experience, ensuring our content is relevant and easy to grasp.

Our Commitment:

At HowEngineeringWorks.com, we believe learning engineering shouldn’t be complicated. Our study materials are designed to be straightforward, making even the most complex topics easy to understand. We’re dedicated to creating an inclusive learning environment for students of all backgrounds and expertise levels.

Why Choose HowEngineeringWorks.com:

  Simplicity at Its Core: Our study materials focus on clarity and simplicity, ensuring an effortless learning experience.

  Accessible Learning: Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, our resources cater to everyone, making engineering education accessible to all.

Join Us on Your Engineering Journey:

Ready to simplify your engineering studies? Explore HowEngineeringWorks.com and discover study materials designed to make learning enjoyable and stress-free. Let’s embark on this engineering journey together!

The Man Behind How Engineering Works


Tilak Thakur
Tilak Thakur

    Hey, I am Tilak Thakur. I am the chief editor and owner of “How Engineering Works”.
 Professionally, I am an electrical Engineer. I have huge interest to learn about Electrical Engineering and I love to write about Electrical Stuffs. So I thought to start this blog. My motive is to enhance my skills and my effort may help other people who is studying Engineering.

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