What is difference between a feeder and transmission line?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: Switchgear and ProtectionWhat is difference between a feeder and transmission line?
How Engineering Works Staff asked 6 years ago
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Shakti answered 6 years ago

Consider a  distribution substation  which receives power from a transmission line.
To connect the consumer/load end with the substation , we have feeders. There are no tapping taken out of them. They just connect the consumer area with the substation.
As pointed out in other answer , a transmission line is called a feeder whenever it directly feeds consumer.

Dreamer answered 6 years ago

Transmission lines are current carrying lines that carry power from generating stations to the substations.

Feeder is an electrical distribution network. They carry power from substation to consumers .

Dinesh answered 6 years ago

A feeder is line which starts from grid to whom which we want to transmit power to the consumers.

A transmission is a line starts from generating station and ends at the power grid . it can be either short ,medium, or long transmission line.