What is meant by H.R.C fuse?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: Switchgear and ProtectionWhat is meant by H.R.C fuse?
How Engineering Works Staff asked 7 years ago
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How Engineering Works Staff answered 7 years ago

In electrical system fuse acts as protection device and depending on application different type of fuse is to
select. Out of these different type of fuses HRC is also one of the type and it stands for ” High Rupting Capacity”. This type of fuses normally used where some delay is acceptable for protecting the system.

varun answered 7 years ago

it is stands for high rupturing capacity fuse.

it has a advantage of current limiting featur…so its used for protection of contactors which may melt for higher value of current…you can see the autometic starter of motor has contactors.used for swiching..so fuse is connected in series with it..after 2 to 3 operation..there will no us of fuse…as it melts due to overheating…for 30 ka short circuit current..it limits to 10 ka current.s.c..which is the rating of contactors.

How Engineering Works Staff answered 7 years ago

HRC fuse is high rupturning fuse which is secondry protecting device. inwhich uses a arc quiched powder who absorbed the sound and arc when element of these fuse melted in high current condition. these fuse uses in high voltage circuit.