MCQs on Special Motor

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 1. In a repulsion motor, direction of rotation can be changed by a changing the
(a) supply terminals
(b) supply frequency
(c) position of brush
(d) supply voltage

 2. The few field turns are used in AC series motor in orders to reduce
(a) hysteresis loss
(b) eddy current losses
(c) starting current
(d) reluctance

 3. In a repulsion start induction motor, the short circuiting device is operated by
(a) Lorentz force
(b) centrifugal force
(c) mutual induction
(d) self induction

 4. In a shaded pole motor the direction of rotation is always from
(a) shaded pole to  unshaded pole
(b) unscheduled pole to shaded pole
(c) in anticlockwise
(d) in clockwise

 5. An AC Servo Motor is basically a
(a) hysteresis motor
(b) synchronous motor
(c) DC shunt motor
(d) 2-phase induction motor

 6. Which of the following special motor has no winding?
(a) repulsion motor
(b) stepper motor
(c) hysteresis motor
(d) reluctance motor

 7. Which of the following motor always as a permanent magnet?
(a) Universal motor
(b) Stepper motor
(c) Reluctance motor
(d) None of the above

 8. In AC series motors, armature coils are usually connected to commutator through
(a) inductor
(b) resistor
(c) capacitor
(d) none of the above

 9. In hysteresis motors, the rotor is made of magnetic material having area of hysteresis loop
(a) negligible
(b) very small
(c) medium
(d) large

 10. The electric motor generally used in computer printer driver is
(a) reluctance motor
(b) hysteresis motor
(c) universal motor
(d) stepper motor

 11. Which of the following motor produce uniform torque at torque at all speed?
(a) stepper motor
(b) universal motor
(c) reluctance motor
(d) hysteresis motor

 12. Which of the following single phase induction motor has the highest power factor at full load?
(a) Split phase
(b) Shaded pole
(c) Capacitor-start
(d) Capacitor-run

 13. An infinite busbar has
(a) constant voltage
(b) constant frequency
(c) same phase sequence
(d) all of the above 

 14. In a shaded pole motor, the rotating field is developed by using
(a) split phase
(b) shading coil
(c) inter-pole capacitor
(d) a capacitor

 15. If the supply frequency of universal motor increases, its speed is
(a) increase
(b) decrease
(c) remain unchanged
(d) none of the above

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