MCQs on Special Motor

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1. Universal motors are used in
(a) conveyor.
(b) food mixer.
(c) elevator.
(d) refrigerator.    

 2. Which of the following materials is generally used for the construction of a variable reluctance stepper motor?
(a) Paramagnetic.
(b) Diamagnetic.
(c) Ferromagnetic.
(d) Antiferromagnetic.    

 3. In permanent magnet stepper motor, the direction of motor is _____ to the directions of the current flowing in winding.
(a) dependent.
(b) reverse.
(c) independent.
(d) none of the above.  

 4. When the motor speed of the stepper motor increases, the torque will
(a) increases.
(b) remain same.
(c) decrease.
(d) none of the above.      

 5. The stepper motor has full torque at
(a) full speed.
(b) normal speed.
(c) zero speed.
(d) all speed.    

 6. The auxiliary winding or shading coil of a shaded pole motor is composed of
(a) copper ring.
(b) aluminum ring.
(c) soft iron ring.
(d) any of the above.    

 7. A shaded pole motor is one of the types of
(a) DC shunt motor.
(b) differentially compounded DC motor.
(c) synchronous motor.
(d) single phase induction motor.        

 8. The shading coil of a shaded pole motor is
(a) less inductive.
(b) highly inductive.
(c) highly resistive.
(d) none of the above.    

 9. Which of the following special motor has rotor movement in discrete step?
(a) Stepper motor.
(b) Reluctance motor.
(c) Servo motor.
(d) Hysteresis motor.    

 10. The single phase shaded pole motor generally has
(a) wound rotor.
(b) squirrel cage rotor.
(c) high starting torque.
(d) high power factor.      

 11. The direction of rotation of shaded pole motor can be changed by changing
(a) number of poles
(b) supply frequency
(c) supply terminal
(d) shaded pole    

 12. In a shaded pole motor, the rotating field is developed by using
(a) salient poles.
(b) shaded poles.
(c) a capacitor.
(d) damper winding.  

 13. When the capacitor of a capacitor start induction motor is short circuited, the motor will
(a) run.
(b) not started.
(c) burn.
(d) run with jerks.  

 14. In repulsion motors, the brush angle with respect to magnetic axis is kept about
(a) zero degree to 15 degree.
(b) 15 degree to 45 degree.
(c) 45 degree to 60 degree.
(d) 60 degree to 120 degree.    

 15. The power factor of single phase repulsion motor is
(a) always leading.
(b) nearly zero.
(c) high at highest speed.
(d) always Unity.     

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