MCQs on Power Generation

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1. In hydro power plant, the graph between discharge and time is known as
(a) monograph.
(b) load graph.
(c) discharge graph.
(d) hydro graph.

2. Which of the following generating station has minimum running cost?
(a) Nuclear.
(b) Hydro.
(c) Thermal.
(d) Diesel.  

3. For the low head and large discharge, the hydraulic turbine used is
(a) Francis turbine.
(b) Kaplan turbine.
(c) Pelton turbine.
(d) none of the above.  

4. Which of the following hydraulic turbine is used for high head?
(a) Francis turbine.
(b) Kaplan turbine.
(c) Pelton turbine.
(d) none of the above.  

 5. Which of following power plant has highest depreciation charges?
(a) Nuclear plant.
(b) Thermal plant.
(c) Diesel plant.
(d) Hydroelectric plant.  

 6. The ideal load factor should be
(a) unity.
(b) zero.
(c) negative.
(d) infinity.  

 7. If the diversity factor of a power station is high then its generation cost is
(a) high.
(b) low.
(c) remain same.
(d) depend on the plan type.  

 8. Hydroelectric power stations are generally located in
(a) plane area.
(b) hilly area.
(c) cold area.
(d) warm area.  

 9. Diesel power plant are generally used as
(a) peak load plant.
(b) base load plant.
(c) standby plant.
(d) none of the above.    

 10. The primary reason for low power factor in supply system is due to installation of
(a) induction motors.
(b) synchronous motors.
(c) single phase motors.
(d) d.c. motors.  

 11. A gas turbine basically work on
(a) Carnot cycle.
(b) Rankin cycle.
(c) Brayton cycle.
(d) Dual cycle.    

 12. Which of the following is usually not the generating voltage
(a) 6.6 kV.
(b) 9.9 kV.
(c) 11kV.
(d) 13.2kV.  

 13. The overall efficiency of a steam power station is _______ its thermal efficiency.
(a) less than
(b) equal to
(c) greater than
(d) none of the above  

 14. Which of the following power plant usually offer highest maintenance cost?
(a) Nuclear power plants.
(b) Hydro-electric power plants.
(c) Thermal power plants.
(d) Diesel engine power plants.        

 15. Which of the following Power Plant causes least environmental pollution?
(a) Thermal Power Plant.
(b) Hydro Power Plant.
(c) Nuclear Power Plant.
(d) Diesel Power Plant.    

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