MCQs on Power Generation

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 1. The area under a load curve gives
(a) average demand.
(b) energy consumed.
(c) maximum demand.
(d) none of the above.  

 2. An instrument used to measure the flow of liquid through a pipe is
(a) pressure gauge.
(b) hydrometer.
(c) Venturi metre.
(d) Phantom.  

 3. Which of the following power plant has highest Depreciation charges?
(a) Thermal plant.
(b) Diesel plant.
(c) Hydroelectric plant.
(d) All have same.  

 4. Which of the following application uses betz law?
(a) Solar cell.
(b) Tidal power plants.
(c) MHD system.
(d) Wind mills.  

 5. Which of the following is the essential requirement of peak load plant?
(a) It should run at high speed.
(b) It should produce high voltage.
(c) It should be small size.
(d) It should be capable of starting quickly.  

 6. In thermal power plant, heat from the flue gases is utilized in
(a) super heater.
(b) condenser.
(c) economizer.
(d) chimney.  

 7. Which of the following equipment provides fluctuating load?
(a) Exhaust fan.
(b) Lathe machine.
(c) Welding transformer.
(d) All of the above.  

 8. Energy from gravitational field is energy obtained from
(a) wind
(b) biomass
(c) coal
(d) tides  

 9. Which of the following is superior quality of coal?
(a) Peat.
(b) Lignite.
(c) Coke.
(d) Bituminous coal.    

 10. Demand factor is defined as
(a) average load/maximum load.
(b) maximum demand/connected load.
(c) connected load/maximum demand.
(d) average load x maximum load.    

 11. Which material is used to made a solar cell?
(a) aluminum.
(b) Germanium.
(c) silicon.
(d) scandium.  

 12. Which of the following power plants is least reliable?
(a) wind.
(b) tidal.
(c) geothermal.
(d) solar.  

 13. The fuel used in nuclear reactor is
(a) radium.
(b) cadmium.
(c) uranium.
(d) all of the above.  

 14. Which of the following device is used to measure vacuum?
(a) Barometer.
(b) Hygrometer.
(c) U-tube manometer.
(d) Venturi metre.    

 15. The voltage of a single solar cells is about
(a) 0.5 volt.
(b) 1 volt.
(c) 1.8 volt.
(d) 1. 5 volt.    

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