MCQs on Engineering Materials

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 1. Which of the following instrument is constructed based on the principle of Hall effect?
(a) Frequency metre.
(b) Ammeter.
(c) Dynamometer.
(d) Gaussmeter.

 2. At what transition temperature the mercury becomes a superconductor?
(a) 4.12°F.
(b) 4.12°C.
(c) 4.12 K.
(d) 41.2 K.

 3. If the temperature of a paramagnetic material is increases, its magnetic susceptibility
(a) increases.
(b) decreases.
(c) remained same.
(d) none of the above.

 4. Which is the most detriment impurity in a magnetic material?
(a) Iron oxide.
(b) Nitrogen.
(c) Carbon.
(d) Ferrite.

 5. Which of the following effect is Converse of magnetostriction effect?
(a) Skin effect.
(b) Heartily effect.
(c) Curie effect.
(d) Villari effect.

 6. The material having least affinity for moisture is
(a) cotton.
(b) paper.
(c) mica.
(d) wood.

 7. Piezoelectricity has when observed in
(a) glass.
(b) mica.
(c) glass.
(d) quartz.

 8. Air is a
(a) diamagnetic.
(b) paramagnetic.
(c) ferromagnetic.
(d) antiferromagnetic.

 9. If the temperature of a dielectric increases, its ionic polarization polarizability will
(a) increase.
(b) decrease.
(c) remain same.
(d) none of the above.

 10. Which of the following is the poorest conductor of electricity?
(a) copper.
(b) aluminium.
(c) carbon.
(d) steel.

 11. The property of materials by which they can be drawn into wires is known as
(a) elasticity.
(b) malleability.
(c) plasticity.
(d) ductility.

 12. The Magnetic susceptibility of an ideal superconductor is
(a) minus one.
(b) zero.
(c) one.
(d) infinite.

13. The conductivity of a perfect dielectric is
(a) unity.
(b) zero.
(c) negative.
(d) infinite.

 14. Forbidden energy gap is largest in
(a) conductor.
(b) semiconductor.
(c) insulator.
(d) none of the above.

 15. Forbidden energy gap he is least in
(a) conductor.
(b) semiconductor.
(c) insulator.
(d) none of the above.

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