MCQ on Basic Electrical

MCQ on Basic Electrical – 3

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 1. An electric current is the
(A) flow of electrons.
(B) opposition to electrons.
(C) storage of charge.
(D) ionization of atom.

 2. Electric pressure is also called
(A) resistance.
(B) power.
(C) voltage.
(D) energy.

 3. Which of the following is best conductor of electricity?
(A) aluminum.
(B) silver.
(C) copper.
(D) gold.

 4. The dielectric material used in variable capacitor is generally
(A) mica.
(B) air.
(C) ceramic.
(D) electrolyte.

 5. What does a capacitor store?
(A) Current.
(B) Charge.
(C) Voltage.
(D) Power.

 6. Power consumed in a pure inductive circuit is
(A) zero.
(B) less.
(C) high.
(D) infinity.

 7. A capacitor block
(A) DC.
(B) AC.
(C) both AC or DC.
(D) none of the above.

 8. An inductor blocks
(A) AC.
(B) DC.
(C) both AC or DC.
(D) none of the above.

 9. Frequency of direct current is
(A) zero.
(B) unity.
(C) 50 Hz.
(D) infinity.

 10. Power factor of direct current is
(A) zero.
(B) lagging.
(C) unity.
(D) leading.

 11. The number of cycle per second is called
(A) frequency.
(B) time period.
(C) angular displacement.
(D) angular velocity.

 12. An instrument which detects electric current is known as
(A) induction meter.
(B) watt meter.
(C) galvanometer.
(D) none of these.

 13. The substances which have a large number of free electrons and offer a low resistance are called
(A) insulators.
(B) inductors.
(C) conductors.
(D) semi-conductors.

 14. The property of a conductor due to which it passes current is called
(A) reluctance.
(B) conductance.
(C) admittance.
(D) inductance.

 15. Reciprocal of the conductance is called
(A) admittance.
(B) resistance.
(C) reluctance.
(D) reactance.

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