Universe MCQ

1. The planet that has no satellite is
(A) Pluto
(B) Mars
(C) Uranus
(D) Neptune
Ans: A

2. Which of the following is as the ‘Red planet’?
(A) Venus
(B) Saturn
(C) Mars
(D) Mercury
Ans: C

3. Which one among the following four planets is the biggest in size?
(A) Mars
(B) Earth
(C) Venus
(D) Mercury
Ans: B

4. The distance between the Earth and the Sun (in million kms.) is
(A) 111
(B) 121
(C) 149
(D) 168
Ans: C

5. The ‘Solar Corona’ mainly consists of
(A) Ice
(B) Gases
(C) Molten lava
(D) Cosmic rays
Ans: C

6. Which of the following planet having five moons?
(A) Neptune
(B) Uranus
(C) Venus
(D) Mars
Ans: B

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