What is Tap Changer?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: TransformerWhat is Tap Changer?
Reeta asked 6 years ago
3 Answers
Geetu answered 6 years ago

Transformers can have tapping in both primary and secondary. When we talk of HT transformers, tapping are provided in the primary winding, this helps us in getting proper output voltage by changing the tapping whenever the HT voltage varies from the actual specified voltage.

Deen answered 6 years ago

Tap changer is a device which can increase or decrease the output secondary voltage by changing the turn ratio or Primary or secondary winding. Tap changer is generally installed on high voltage side of a two winding transformer due to low current in this side.

Treck answered 6 years ago

Tap changer is the part of transformer’s secondary winding which is use to increase and decrease the output voltage of the transformer.