How do switch-mode transformers function?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: TransformerHow do switch-mode transformers function?
Bhati asked 6 years ago
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How Engineering Works Staff answered 6 years ago

Switch mode power transformers (and supplies) get their name from the switching action needed to sustain transformer operation. By controlling the amount of on time and off time of the switches, one can also control the amount of power delivered to the transformer’s load (or load circuit). The voltage can be fed to the switch mode power transformer in voltage pulses. The pulse duration is a portion of an overall cycle time. The cycle time is equal to the inverse of the operating frequency. The terms duty cycle and pulse width modulation arise from the control of the switching on time and off time.

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How Engineering Works Staff answered 6 years ago

SWITCH MODE TRANSFORMERS. Switch mode transformers (also known as switch mode power supply transformers and SMPS transformers) are using in a regulated power supply and function to step up or step down voltage or current, and/or provide isolation between the input and output side of a switch mode power supply.

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