MCQs on Transmission and Distribution

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 1. The voltage drop of constant voltage transmission line is compensated by installing
(a) synchronous motors.
(b) capacitors.
(c) inductors.
(d) all of the above.   

 2. At which power factor, the voltage regulation of transmission line is maximum?
(a) Lagging power factor
(b) Leading power factor
(c) Unity power factor
(d) None of the above    

 3. Which device automatically interrupts the supply in the event of surges?
(a) Earthing switch
(b) Series reactor
(c) Isolator
(d) Circuit breaker    

 4. Corona losses in transmission line can be reduce by
(a) reducing conductor size.
(b) using smooth conductors.
(c) reducing current density.
(d) reducing power factor.   

 5. Bundled conductors are mainly used in high voltage overhead transmission lines to
(a) increase mechanical strength.
(b) reduce line losses.
(c) reduce corona.
(d) balance voltage drop.   

 6. The chances of occurrence of corona are maximum during
(a) winter.
(b) dry weather.
(c) humid weather.
(d) hot summer.    

 7. Current rating is not necessary in case of
(a) isolators.
(b) circuit breakers.
(c) load break switches.
(d) Relay.   

 8. In high voltage transmission line, the top most conductor is
(a) R-phase.
(b) Y-phase.
(c) B-phase.
(d) Earth.    

 9. Series capacitor can be used in distribution lines
(a) to provide reactive power compensation.
(b) to reduce the losses.
(c) to reduce the voltage drop.
(d) to reduce stability and fault level.    

 10. Shunt capacitance is not used in
(a) short transmission lines.
(b) medium transmission lines.
(c) long transmission lines.
(d) medium and long transmission lines.    

 11. The power transmission will be maximum when
(a) sending end voltage is more.
(b) receiving end voltage is more.
(c) reactance is high.
(d) corona losses are least.    

 12. Which conductor connects an energy meter to the distributor?
(a) Feeder
(b) Service wire
(c) Distributor
(d) Earth wire    

 13. Skin effect depends on
(a) size of the conductor.
(b) frequency of the current.
(c) resistivity of the conductor material.
(d) all of the above.    

 14. The skin effect of a conductor will reduce as the
(a) diameter increases.
(b) frequency increases.
(c) permeability of conductor material increases.
(d) resistivity of conductor material increases.    

 15. Guy wire is employed for
(a) providing protection against surges.
(b) providing emergency earth route.
(c) supporting the pole.
(d) all of the above.    

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