MCQs on Power Generation

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1. Alternators are rated in
(a) kVA.
(b) kW.
(c) kVAR.
(d) HP.    

 2. The capacity of a power plant is expressed in terms of
(a) MVA.
(b) MW.
(c) MVAR.
(d) tones.      

 3. The turbine are generally rated in
(a) HP.
(b) kVA.
(c) kVAR.
(d) tones.  

 4. Which of the following is not a source of power?
(a) Thermocouple.
(b) Photo-voltaic cell.
(c) Solar cell.
(d) Photoelectric cell.    

 5. Which of the following should be used for extinguishing electrical fires?
(a) Water.
(b) Carbon tetra-chloride fire extinguisher.
(c) Foam type fire extinguisher.
(d) CO2 fire extinguisher.    

 6. Which of the following power plant required minimum amount of fuel?
(a) Hydro power plant.
(b) Steam power plant.
(c) Diesel power plant.
(d) Nuclear power plant.    

 7. During load shedding
(a) system power factor is changed.
(b) some loads are switched off.
(c) system voltage is reduced.
(d) system frequency is reduced.    

 8. In nuclear power plant, which of the following is used to moderate the speed of neutron?
(a) moderator.
(b) controller.
(c) valve.
(d) filter.  

 9. Which of the following material act as coolant in a nuclear power plant?
(a) liquid sodium.
(b) graphite.
(c) beryllium.
(d) all of the above.      

 10. Load factor of a power station is generally
(a) equal to unity.
(b) less than unity.
(c) more than unity.
(d) equal to zero.    

 11. Impulse turbine generally operates at ______ water head?
(a) high.
(b) low.
(c) medium.
(d) none of the above.    

 12. Turbo turbines are designs to run at
(a) low speed.
(b) normal speed.
(c) high speed.
(d) any of the above.  

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