MCQ on Transmission and Distribution – 7

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 1. Capacitance in equivalent circuit of a transmission line is due to
(A) leakage of current.
(B) presence of magnetic flux.
(C) difference in potential of line.
(D) current in the line.

 2. Due to sag the conductor between two support takes the form of
(A) catenary
(B) triangle
(C) ellipse
(D) semi-circle.

 3. In power system, presence of earth wire results
(A) increase in line capacitance
(B) increase in line inductance
(C) decrease in line capacitance
(D) decrease in line inductance

 4. Phase modifier is normally installed in case of
(A) short transmission lines.
(B) medium length lines.
(C) long lines.
(D) for any length of wire.

 5. Coincidence factor is reciprocal of the
(A) power factor
(B) diversity factor.
(C) load factor.
(D) utilization factor.

 6. The purpose of Gaurd Ring in the transmission system is to
(A) reduce the earth capacitance of the lowest unit
(B) increases the earth capacitance of the lowest unit
(C) reduces the transmission losses
(D) none of the above

 7. The most expensive bus bar scheme is 
(A) single bus bar scheme
(B) ring bus bar scheme
(C) double bus bar double breaker scheme
(D) main and transfer scheme

 8. Guard ring transmission line
(A) improves power factor
(B) reduces earth capacitance of the lowest unit
(C) reduces transmission losses
(D) improves regulation.

 9. Neglecting losses in a transmission system, if the voltage is doubled, for the same power transmission, the weight of conductor material required will be
(A) four times
(B) double
(C) half
(D) one fourth.

 10. Electro-mechanical voltage regulators are generally used in
(A) reactors.
(B) generators.
(C) transformers.
(D) all of the above.

 11. In outdoor substation, the lightening arresters is placed nearer to
(A) the isolator
(B) the current transformer
(C) the power transformer
(D) the current breaker.

 12. Stability of a system is not affected by
(A) reactance of line
(B) losses
(C) reactance of generator
(D) output torque.

 13. Localization of cable faults done by  
(A) short circuit tests.
(B) murray loop tests.
(C) vurley loop tests.
(D) both murray and vurley test.

 14. Transient disturbances arc due to
(A) switching operations
(B) load variations
(C) faults
(D) any of the above.

 15. If receiving end voltage of open circuited or lightly loaded line is more then sending end voltage, the effect is  called
(A) corona effect.
(B) seeback effect.
(C) ferranti effect.
(D) raman effect.

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