MCQ on Electrical Unit – 1

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 1. The rating of generator is expressed in terms of
(A) kW.
(B) kVA.
(C) kVAR.
(D) MW.

 2. The rating of prime mover is expressed in terms of
(A) kW.
(B) kg.
(C) kVA.
(D) tones.

 3. The relative permittivity has the following unit?
(A) F/m.
(B) m/F.
(C) Wb/m.
(D) No unit.

 4. The S.I. unit of power is
(A) Henry.
(B) coulomb.
(C) watt.
(D) watt-hour.

 5. One newton meter is same as
(A) one watt.
(B) one joule.
(C) five joules.
(D) one joule second.

 6. The unit of luminous flux is ?
(A) lux.
(B) candela.
(C) weber.
(D) lumen.

 7. Temperature co-efficient of resistance is expressed in terms
(A) ohms/°C.
(B) mhos/ohm°C.
(C) ohms/ohm°C.
(D) mhos/°C.

 8. The unit of luminous flux is ?
(A) lux.
(B) candela.
(C) weber.
(D) lumen.

 9. The unit of magnetic flux density is the
(A) Weber.
(B) Weber per metre.
(C) Ampere per metre.
(D) Tesla.

 10. The unit of inductance is
(A) henry.
(B) weber.
(C) weber-ampere.
(D) farad.

 11. Static capacitor are rated in term of
(A) kVAR.
(B) kW.
(C) kVA.
(D) kWh.

 12. Ω (ohm) is the Unit of
(A) Resistance.
(B) Inductive Reactance.
(C) Capacitive Reactance.
(D) All of the above.

 13. The coulomb is a unit of
(A) Energy.
(B) Voltage.
(C) Power.
(D) Quantity of electricity.

 14. The unit of quantity of electricity is the
(A) volt.
(B) coulomb.
(C) ohm.
(D) joule.

 15. The unit of current is the
(A) Volt.
(B) Coulomb.
(C) Joule.
(D) Ampere.

 16. The ohm is the unit of
(A) Charge.
(B) Resistance.
(C) Power.
(D) Current.

 17. The unit of resistivity is
(A) ohms.
(B) ohm millimetre.
(C) ohm metre.
(D) ohm/metre.

 18. Unit of clastance is
(A) farad.
(B) daraf.
(C) mho.
(D) tesla.

 19. Siemens or Mho is the unit of
(A) Conductance.
(B) Admittance.
(C) Both 1 & 2.
(D) None of the above.

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