MCQ on Battery – 2

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 1. In Edison cell, the negative plate is made of
(A) zinc.
(B) copper.
(C) iron.
(D) lead.

 2. Which electrolyte is used in Edison cell?
(A) NaOH.
(B) H2SO4.
(C) NaSO4.
(D) KOH.

3. Which of the following cell has reversible chemical reaction?
(A) Mercury oxide.
(B) Silver oxide.
(C) Carbon zinc.
(D) Lead acid.

4. In a lead acid battery, during discharging the oxygen is liberated at
(A) electrolyte.
(B) positive plate.
(C) negative plate.
(D) ions.

 5. In a lead acid battery, gassing occur during
(A) charging.
(B) discharging.
(C) overloading.
(D) all of the above.

 6. The energy stored in a lead acid battery is in the form of
(A) electric energy.
(B) chemical energy.
(C) electrostatic charge.
(D) potential energy.

 7. Which impurity is commonly found in electrolyte of a lead acid battery?
(A) DustIron.
(B) Lead.
(C) Sulphate.
(D) Carbonate.

 8. In Lead acid battery, the specific gravity of a fully charged cell is about
(A) 1.18.
(B) 1.28.
(C) 1.24.
(D) 2.4.

 9. The electrolyte used in silver oxide battery is
(A) sulphuric acid.
(B) nitric acid.
(C) acetic acid.
(D) alkaline.

 10. The efficiency of a primary cell is about
(A) 40%.
(B) 15%.
(C) 70%.
(D) 100%.

 11. Which of the following is responsible for the internal resistance of a lead Acid cell?
(A) Positive plate.
(B) Negative plate.
(C) Electrolyte.
(D) None of the above.

 12. Potentiometer is generally used for comparison of
(A) resistance.
(B) capacitor.
(C) emf.
(D) current.

 13. Power factor meter have
(A) current coil only.
(B) voltage coil only.
(C) both current coil and voltage coil.
(D) inductive voltage coil only.

14. Which of the following cell is most commonly used?
(A) nickel-iron.
(B) nickel-cadmium.
(C) lead-acid.
(D) fuel cell.

  15. When a 12 V battery is connected across the primary of a transformer with a turns ratio of 4, the secondary voltage is
(A) 0 V.
(B) 3 V.
(C) 12 V.
(D) 48 V.

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