Top Electricity Companies

Electricity Companies

   Electricity companies or utility companies are the companies that engages with power stations, electric power transmission, electricity distributions, electricity utilization, power generation, electric product etc. There are many Electricity companies or utility company in the world. Some of the world’s largest electrical companies have been discussed below.

Duke Energy is the largest electric power company in the United State. It is founded in 1904 by James Buchanan Duke and Benjamin Newton Duke. It applies and Delivers electricity to around 7.4 million U.S .customers. Its generated capacity is approximately 49,300 megawatts. It has 7.5 millions electric customers and 1.6 million natural gas customer. Duke energy is serving over 150 + year and today Duke energy is dedicated to providing clean reliable and affordable energy.

Duke energy operates 32,200 miles of total transmission lines, 2,68,700 miles of total distribution lines and 32,900 miles of total gas Transmission and distribution pipelines. More than 28,700 number of employees are working in this organisation.

 National Grid

National grid is multinational electricity and gas utility company in the U.K. and Northeastern U.S. Its headquarters is in London. National grid own and manage the grids that connect people to the energy they need. It is delivering electricity to millions of peoples, businesses and communities in the Britain. It ensure the network and market access for all parties regardless of Business models or where they are connected also publishing market design evolves in response to the changing energy system.

The national grid is delivering electricity efficiently, reliably and safely. It is setting up the electricity system operators as a legally separate company within the national grid group the electricity system operator will have a separate board of directors to make sure its focus on achieving the outcomes that customers and stakeholders deserves.

As of now national grid has approximately 25,000 employees, $22 billion in sales and a $48 billions market capitalization.


Engie  is a French multinational electric utility company. It has been started since July 22, 2008. The company is founded by the merge of Gaz France and Suez The headquarter of engie is in La Defense, Courbevoice, Courbevoie, France.

The company operates in the field of natural gas production, sales and distribution, electricity generation and distribution, hydroelectricity, nuclear power, wind power, energy trending and renewable energy. It is the second largest gas transportation network in Europe and largest gas distribution network in Europe.

More than 1,53,000 peopleworldwide are work in this company. Its revenue is around €66.6 billion.

Southerm Company

Southern company is an American gas and electric utility holding company based in the Southerm United State. It was founded in 1945 and headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. The organisation is presently the second biggest service Organisation in the USA, as far as client base.

If we talk about energy providers company in Unites State, Southern Company is the largest. It provide services to approximately 9 million customers. It has a high generating capacity of 40,000 MW. Over 32,000 employees worldwide are working in this company. By 2016, The operating revenues of the company was $19.9 billion and market capitalization was $50.5 billion.


EDF energy is a large scale Energy Company in the United Kingdom. It was founded in 2002 its headquarters are situated in London, England, U.K. It works in the field of electricity generation and the scale of gas and electricity to home and business throughout the U.K.
EDF owns and operates three of the world’s top ten nuclear power plants by capacity and is the largest producers of low carbon electricity in the U.K.  It is working in many countries and over 155,000 employees are working in this company. As of now, The annual revenues of the company is €71.2 billion and market capitalization is €32.3 billion.

This was all about top utility companies or Electricity companies in the world.

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