Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

Electrical Engineering Interview Questions on Transmission  & Distribution Р1

1. What points should be kept in mind while designing a feeder?
Answer: Feeder are designed mainly from the point of view of its current carrying capacity.

2. What is the purpose of transposition of transmission line?
Answer: Transposition of transmission line is done to balance the line voltage drop.

3. What happened to capacitance of transmission line if the spacing between conductors is increased?
Answer: If the spacing between conductors is increased, the capacitance of transmission line increases.

4. Which relay is used to protect the Power Transformer against external short circuit and overload?
Answer: IDMT Relay.

5. Which relay is used to detect and protect internal fault of transformer?
Answer: Bucholoz Relay.

6. Which relay is used for the generator phase to phase winding protection?
Answer: Differential Relay.

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