Electrical Engineering Interview Questions

Electrical Engineering Interview Questions on DC Machine – 1

1. Which type of d.c. machine wave winding is used?
Answer: Wave winding is used in high voltage and low current d.c. machines.

2. Which type of d.c. machine lap winding is used?
Answer: Lap winding is used in low voltage and high current d.c. machines.

3. What is the effect of armature reaction in a d.c. machine?
Answer: The effect of armature reaction is to decreases the total flux and hence it reduce the voltage or emf.

4. How to reduce the size of the a d.c. generator?
Answer: The size of a DC generator can be reduced by using magnetic material of high permeability.

5. Which d.c. generator has poorest voltage?
Answer: D.C. series generator has poorest voltage.

6. How many commutator segments will be in a 24-coils d.c. machines?
Answer: There will be 24 commutator segments because in a d.c. machine, the number of commutator segments are equal to number of coils.

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