What is RDOL starter?

Sanjeev asked 7 years ago
3 Answers
Vetar answered 7 years ago

RDOL [Reversible DOL] starters are simply two DOL starters in the same box and allow the motor to be started in one direction and then in the other direction.

Priyanka answered 7 years ago

RDOL stands for reverse direct online starter. For 3 phase motors which require bi- directional rotation, RDOL starters are used to change the phase sequence through power contactors to change the direction of motor. Examples of application which require RDOL starters are long travel & cross travel motors of crane, flow diverter gate.

Rani answered 7 years ago

REVERSIBLE DOL (RDOL) STARTER This kind of starter is required when the motor is required to run in both forward as well as reverse directions.
By construction, both DOL and RDOL can look the same from outside.