What is Capacitive Voltage Transformer(CVT) ?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: Switchgear and ProtectionWhat is Capacitive Voltage Transformer(CVT) ?
Delor asked 7 years ago
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betrlr answered 7 years ago

A capacitor voltage transformer (CVT or CCVT), is a transformer used in power systems to step down extra high voltage signals and provide a low voltage signal, for metering or operating a protective relay.

betot answered 7 years ago

 Capacitive voltage transformers (CVTs) are used on higher voltage levels, starting from 66 kV and upwards. The type of the CVT is always a single-pole one, thus the connection is between phase and earth. The higher the voltage level is, the more price-competitive the capacitive type becomes.
One of the advantages the capacitive type has, in comparison to the inductive type, is the possibility to use capacitive voltage transformers as high-frequency coupling units towards the primary system (over headlines).

culain answered 7 years ago

A capacitor voltage transformer (CVT) is a transformer used in power systems to step down extra high voltage signals and provide a low voltage signal, for measurement or to operate a protective relay.

Capacitor Voltage Transformers also serve as coupling capacitors for coupling high frequency power line carrier signals to the transmission line.

CVTs in combination with wave traps are used for filtering high frequency communication signals from power frequency. This forms a carrier communication network throughout the transmission network.