What is AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation)?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: (EE) Power SystemWhat is AVR (Automatic Voltage Regulation)?
Reejav asked 6 years ago
3 Answers
Feeri answered 6 years ago

AVR is an abbreviation for Automatic Voltage Regulator. It is important part in Synchronous Generators, it controls the output voltage of the generator by controlling its excitation current. Thus it can control the output Reactive Power of the Generator.

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Geentar answered 6 years ago

  The automatic voltage regulator is used to regulate the voltage. It takes the fluctuate voltage and changes them into a constant voltage. The fluctuation in the voltage mainly occurs due to the variation in load on the supply system. The variation in voltage damages the equipment of the power system. The variation in the voltage can be controlled by installing the voltage control equipment at several places likes near the transformers, generator, feeders, etc., The voltage regulator is provided in more than one point in the power system for controlling the voltage variations.

grish answered 6 years ago

It is used to regulate the excitation voltage in generator AVR is used. it compares the voltage, current and frequency of the generator.

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