What is a Trivector Meter? Where is it used?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: Measuring InstrumentWhat is a Trivector Meter? Where is it used?
gulabi asked 6 years ago
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kundal answered 6 years ago

The Trivector meter is a measuring instrument which measures the kW, kVAr, the kVA of a power line.  These instruments can measure both power as well as energy.    Trivector meters are normally used in substations and to measure the power flowing through the feeders.  They are used for billing power drawn by industrial customers.  The Trivector enables the simultaneous measurement of different electrical parameters which enables accurate assessment of the power consumed.

Trivector is called so as it measures three vectors representing the active, reactive and apparent power of a line.  Trivector meters come in two quadrant and four quadrant models.  The four quadrant model can measure both the incoming (import) and the outgoing power (export) while the two quandrant trivector meter can measure either imported or exported power.

Ranit answered 6 years ago

Trivector meter is Electronic type Energy Meter which measures energy parameters, like active energy, Reactive energy,apparent energy, Power Factor, frequency etc. 

Through which we can know how much energy received or sent. Trivector meter has 2 types, one is 3 ph 3 wire meter and other is 3 phase 4 wire meter. It is connected in the substation to incoming or outgoing feeders to know how energy is given out or received from other end, or to Transformers on HV n LV side to know the Transformer loss.

kiku answered 6 years ago

Trivector meter can measure active power ,reactive power ,apparent power i.e.with the help of a single meter we can measure kVA, kW, kVAR.