What are the parts of transmission line?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: Transmission and DistributionWhat are the parts of transmission line?
How Engineering Works Staff asked 7 years ago
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JP132 answered 7 years ago

A power transmission tower consists of the following parts,
1) Peak of transmission tower
2) Cross arm of transmission tower
3) Boom of transmission tower
4) Cage of transmission tower
5) Transmission Tower Body
6) Leg of transmission tower
7) Stub/Anchor Bolt and Base plate assembly of transmission tower etc

Rajinder answered 7 years ago

Conductor,insulator,earth wire,damper,transmission tower,jumper etc.

Himani answered 7 years ago

1.Current carrying conductor.
2.Voltage withstanding insulators.
3.Earth lines maintained for safety from power line and lightning, atmospheric discharges.
4.Support structure for all the Three.
5.Soil, landscape and surroundings for the support structures.
6.Facility to maintain the transmission line like structure, communication, approach roads etc.