What happens if we connect a AC supply to a capacitor?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: Basic of Electrical EngineeringWhat happens if we connect a AC supply to a capacitor?
Beeru asked 7 years ago
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renu answered 7 years ago

Capacitor works only on ac. It blocks dc source given to it.
Now let us see what actually happens
When an ac supply is given to the capacitor it gets charged(after all it is a charge storage device).This stored charge gets discharged when the supply is removed.
How does it actually store charges ??
The parallel plate in a capacitor are the ones which help in charge storage. They cause the potential difference resulting in charge storage.
So when a capacitor is given ac, it charges and “discharges” when removed.
So this what happens when ac is given to a capacitor…..

Ajeet answered 7 years ago

Think simply capacitive reactance =1/WC where W =angular frequency since W for DC =0
Capacitor offers infinite resistance to flow of DC and allows AC to flow

Virender answered 7 years ago

We always supply a AC to capacitor because it blocks DC and when AC is supplied to capacitor it stores energy in the form of electric field.