What is the function of a choke in tube light?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: General ElectricalWhat is the function of a choke in tube light?
varu asked 7 years ago
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Beeru answered 7 years ago

The function of choke is to provide high voltage enough for ionization to take place in a tube light and after establishment and substenance of ionization, limit the voltage across the tube. That is the reason why a tube fuses when the choke is shorted.

Vinu answered 7 years ago

The purpose of the choke is to provide a very high voltage initially between the filaments (across the two ends of the tube light). Again once the gas in the tube is ionized the choke provides a low voltage. A choke is a coil of wire.
Fluorescent tubes/lamps are filled with mercury vapor. They use electric charge to excite mercury atoms in order to produce ultra violet light. A glow starter or commonly known as starter is used in the tube light circuit to provide an initial current to filaments of the tube light.

Bitu answered 7 years ago

Gases present in the tube light is of such nature that once the gas ionised then it has a tendency to increase continuously accompanied by a fall in the circuit resistance . in order to limit the current to a safe value choke is used .
choke performs two function
1) providing ignition voltage
2) limiting the current