Does fire conduct electricity?

DWQA QuestionsCategory: Basic of Electrical EngineeringDoes fire conduct electricity?
Himesh asked 6 years ago
2 Answers
How Engineering Works Staff answered 6 years ago

Fire basically conducts electricity the same way salty water does: both contain some concentration of charged particles that are free to move.
Water contains some concentrations of ions and protons (H++ protons). When there is a voltage difference, the ions will move according to their charge.
The hot gas of the flame contains positively charged ions and electrons, which will move in the same way as the ions in the water. The reason there are ions is that the heat of the gas is such that some of the electrons can free themselves from the attraction of their atoms.

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How Engineering Works Staff answered 6 years ago

Simple Answer for this question is YES ! Fire is good conductor of electricity.

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